Frequently lumped together when it comes to explaining outsourced material, OEM and ODM might have confused some who are interested in knowing more about what each term means. 

When it comes to knowing what each entails, we have created this article to clear up any confusion and outline a rough guideline on how you can find the right partner for personal care creation. 

What Is OEM and What Is ODM?

OEM is short for Original Equipment Manufacturing while ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturing. 

OEM products tend to refer to products that are designed and manufactured to a company’s specification based on their requirements, needs, ingredients, etc. The products can be licensed to another company to be manufactured. 

It can also be manufactured by an OEM company which will then sell the product to another company who is responsible for their distribution. 

An ODM company is responsible for producing a product as per another company’s specification. ODM companies can also be described as private labelling, meaning that there is an existing company that already sells the product is selected, the company then makes a few changes and sells it under its brand name. 

ODM companies’ workflow can be seen as a shortcut to market products as the company can save money on research and development as they don’t need to create a new product from scratch.

Can OEM and ODM Companies Work Together?

Yes. For personal care and cosmetic companies, the definition of OEM and ODM should not shroud the key underlying messages. 

A collaborative approach is the best way to get products quickly into the market, help keep the brands relevant, as well as protecting, maintaining, and growing the market share. 

Biocoslab Manufacturing is a company that can help you sell personal care products under your brand name. You can reach out to us with new product ideas that you would like to develop further, or if you have a proven product that needs manufacturing, we are here to help you. 

Choosing The Right OEM and ODM Company

Personal care products have a wide range of users and choosing the right OEM and ODM company to manufacture, market, and create the products for you is vital.

As you want to make sure that the company is transparent with their manufacturing process and the ingredients they use. Using illegal ingredients to produce skincare and personal care products can cause more damage even if you think you saving on production cost. 

Outsource a partner who has the experience and production capability that is necessary to turn your concept in a finished product. Biocoslab Manufacturing provides services from new product research, formulation, and development, to manufacturing to designing, procurement, packing, and logistics.

How Can An OEM and ODM Company Help You?

We provide exceptional support that goes above and beyond. More than just simply producing the products for your brand. Biocoslab Manufacturing provides advice and guidance to ensure that the products meet the necessary industry and product compliance, any labelling requirements, and all your legislation requirements are met before you start selling your products. 

With us, you will have the opportunity to handle the shorter side of personal care and skincare products production and focus on what’s important – your business.

What Are The Benefits Of Outsourcing An OEM or ODM Company?

In an outsourcing partnership, you can lower the cost of production as our factories has the facilities to meet high production requirement without giving the headache of needed to fork out additional internal investment. 

This process also reduces a company’s business operation as it allows you to enable considerations such as hiring extra staff, space constraints, and managing production schedules to accommodate increased workloads or new production requirements to be offloaded to an external expert. 

With our help, you can concentrate your energy and resources to your business.

How To Find The Right OEM or ODM Company For Your Personal Care and Skincare Products?

If you are a brand that is looking for an OEM/ODM company, reach out to us to know more about our expertise, previous clients, and the support we can provide to you. 

View our products and innovative technology that we use for our products. 


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