Guarantee high-quality products for customers worldwide. That is our people commitment every day.



As a trusted packaging supplier for clients, quality assurance and product control adherence are of principle significance to BIOCOSLAB. All components and raw materials used in our laminate manufacturing comply with paragraphs of code of the federal regulations 21 of the Food and Drug Act (FDA 21CFR). BIOCOSLAB is certified and practices high quality standards to guarantee the safety of customers. Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practices are a collection of practical tips, operational rules and organisational guidelines that focus on human, technical and administrative variables that affect the quality of products.

At BIOCOSLAB, quality is everyone’s business. Providing consumers with products of the finest quality is a priority that engages every single business unit. Every employee has a role to play as a guardian of the quality offered to customers, from operators to plant managers, from workers to product managers, from scientists to experts. In short, quality is everywhere, everybody’s shared culture.

We provide the best in manufacturing quality while continually fulfilling and exceeding the demands and expectations of our clients

Quality has always been the priority of what we are doing. Our top priority since our founding has been to deliver customers worldwide goods that meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency. This translates into a holistic approach that incorporates all of our workers day after day, regardless of where they are in the country, in every branch, in every product and for every service they make.

Behind the Scene

To manufacture premium quality product, you need high-caliber raw materials and packaging to produce a premium cosmetic product. That’s why the BIOCOSLAB Group has painstakingly selecting the raw materials and packaging that make up its products for over a century. How do we make sure they are all of the finest quality and in line with the expectations of highly demanding consumers? This is how it is.

Our number-one goal is to work with the best manufacturers to ensure impeccable quality of raw materials for our customers. We conduct exhaustive quality audits to classify them, allowing our procurement teams to check that each potential partner meets our requirements. The upshot is that we only deal with suppliers we know and have confidence in. The close relationship with manufacturers gives us control over the quality and traceability of raw materials and packaging and makes us familiar with the history of products on the market.

Next, the most important thing is to track the continuous performance of raw materials and packaging, which involves ensuring quality is in line with the current regulatory standards as well as appropriate. That is why we regularly carry out additional supplier audits after the initial audit. We take a completely open approach, communicating the results with our stakeholders so we can work together to find areas for improvement and act quickly.

As part of our continuous development cycle, we perform these inspections as frequently as possible and to establish close ties with suppliers. In fact, we carry out an average daily audit in the case of our packaging suppliers! We have strictly controlled the quality of the final packaging which plays an active role in the perception of beauty. This involves several laboratory tests. To ensure the premium product quality, all raw materials and packaging are checked one more time when they enter the plant before to manufacturing.