Biocoslab Manufacturing’s OEM Process

Our OEM process provides you with a wide range of our in-house products, complete finished packaging and labelling, and on-time delivery to help you start-up and launch your cosmetic brand.

Over the years, we have developed the opportunity to become an established partner of OEM skincare, cosmetic, and personal care products in the industry. We have accumulated experiences over the years as we design, develop, and manufacture products.

Our team of experienced market researcher and R&D team knows the trends and needs of customers in the market and therefore provides the best of service that helps push forward the trends and help entrepreneurs launch and start their business.

Choose off-the-shelf formulations or customise your formula with us. You can also provide us with your packaging design and brand label for us to print and stick on the bottles of your skincare, cosmetic, and personal care products.

Our team can also assist you in planning the whole look and feel of your brand if you are new to the market – we can guide you with trend forecast, consultation, and other requirements to ensure that your brand will be successful.

With our innovative OEM skincare, cosmetic, and personal care assistance, you will be able to create a product that is exclusively you.

Biocoslab Manufacturing’s ODM Process

Our ODM process provides you with excellent private label service, quality product development, and cost-effective project management that helps create your cosmetics with us.

As we continue to grow with our customers, we can further develop better solutions that help us with evolving our company in the market. Our ODM service helps guide you from formulating each product in your business to the day you launch your products.

Start from scratch with your formulas and packaging design, or choose our off-the-shelf options that suit your style and requirement. If you are a new company, you can choose to start your company more professionally or if you are a big corporation, you can use our more technical solutions to further achieve success.

Best OEM/ODM Skincare, Cosmetic, and Personal Care Manufacture in Malaysia

With our experience and knowledge of skincare, cosmetic, and personal care products, we have what it takes to provide innovative, market-ready, and professional consultation.

Our team will guide, supervise, and assist you throughout your journey with us. With our experienced R&D team, we provide you with high quality and safe formulas that are ethically created and designed with the community we serve for in mind.

It doesn’t matter if you are a small brand or a big company, with Biocoslab Manufacturing, you can develop anything you want with us. From formulas, packaging, and even a dateline for the launch, we will be here to bring your project to life.


Advanced Skin Care Formulas That Leads To Better Skin

At Biocoslab Manufacturing, we care about what you put on your face. It is our responsibility as a leading private label beauty and skincare manufacturer to ensure that we provide you with the cosmeceutical grade products.

BIO PROMED is a cosmeceutical grade product that seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with the proven formulation. These formulations are recognized by highly respected physicians and aesthetic professionals who have dedicated their life into solving various skin concerns without using unethical ingredients and process.

BIO PROMED’s products are made by utilising the finest ingredients that are used in our unique formulations. This ensures the highest level of quality private label beauty and skincare products that customers would expect coming from the U.S.

BIO PROMED is the result of decades of experience in the innovation of aesthetic science and is globally recognized by physicians and aesthetic professionals. These highly respected key players in the industry recognize the exceptional quality of BIO PROMED and our dedication to providing a product that results in healthier skin.

Our Philosophy

We believe that each organization must have a worthwhile reason for its existence and establishment, so do we.

Here at Biocoslab Manufacturing, we run a firm that was not only established to just earn a profit but to go beyond that. We hope to contribute our product knowledge and years of expertise in cosmetic science and technology to the quality and efficacy of our skincare products thus serving the overall wellbeing of the community which are have committed to serving.

Our Vision

With the most sophisticated qualitative research in cosmetic science and technology, we hope to become one of the leading skincare manufacturers not only within the region but around the world

Our Mission

We are constantly striving for the perfection of the quality of our skincare products as well as the creation of new concepts and technologies that will eventually be beneficial for healthier and glamour looking skin. We endeavoured at all times to serve our customers and our communities the best of our abilities.

Our Services


Formulation & Development

We have a team of formulation researchers who are experienced in developing a wide range of skincare products that cover every aspect of the human body and can be tailored to your requirement.
If you are looking for contract manufacturing services or leading private label skin care or cosmetic service, do reach out to us.

Stability Testing

Before each formulation is launched to the market, our experienced formulators will carry out and conduct a product stability testing to ensure that the product passes our quality control and is stable.

Product Assembly

At our in-house facility, we develop our client's product at a product assembly service that is GMP guideline compliant. This way, you can focus more on your area of expertise without worry.

Sourcing of Packaging Material

Our purchaser team will scout for the best kind of packaging for your product. It has to be economic, good in quality, and has the look and feel that you desire to meet the requirement you want your brand identity to be associated with.

Design of Packaging & Label

Leave the designing and packaging to our creative design team. We'll design an attention-grabbing label that will meet the requirement of your brand identity.

Product Registration

Once your product is ready to be registered, our product registration team will guide and provide you with the right information that is required for registration. We will also help you to acquire the Product Notification from the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (Biro Pengawalan Farmaseutikal Kebangsaan – BPFK), as required by the Ministry of Health Malaysia for all private label skincare and cosmetic products.

Marketing Concept & Trend

To further market your products, our marketing team will keep you updated on the latest marketing trends and provide you with surefire marketing strategies to launch your product into the market successfully.